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By Michael Hoffmann (Mokkapps)

Weekly Vue.js News - #50 - Delay Loading Appearance of Spinner





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Michael Hoffmann (Mokkapps)
Michael Hoffmann (Mokkapps)
Hi πŸ‘‹
Last weekend I got married πŸ’
In this issue, I have curated a few interesting articles and tips to help you in your journey to become a Vue expert.
Have a great week β˜€οΈ

Vue Tip: Delay Loading Appearance of Spinner
Eager delay spinners are not a good user experience as they can make a snappy user interface feel slower. We can provide a better user experience (UX) by delaying spinners to appear only after a perceivable delay.
To achieve this improved UX, you can use AsyncComponent.
Vue provides the defineAsyncComponent function to lazy load components:
defineAsyncComponent accepts a loader function that returns a Promise. The resolve callback should be called if the component has been loaded, and the reject callback to indicate that loading the component has failed.
Now let’s implement the delayed loading spinner by using the advanced options of the defineAsyncComponent function:
This demo simulates a network request to fetch HelloWorld.vue from a server which takes 2 seconds:
The loading component Loading.vue is shown after a delay of 500ms, defined with delay: 500.
You can try it yourself in this StackBlitz playground.
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HTML Tip: Specify wheter an element is draggable
Links and images are draggable by default.
The draggable attribute is often used in drag and drop operations.
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Michael Hoffmann (Mokkapps)
Michael Hoffmann (Mokkapps) @mokkapps

Hi πŸ‘‹

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