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By Michael Hoffmann (Mokkapps)

Weekly Vue News - #56 - Avoid Side Effects in Computed Properties





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Michael Hoffmann (Mokkapps)
Michael Hoffmann (Mokkapps)
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Vue Tip: Avoid Side Effects in Computed Properties
It is considered bad practice to introduce side effects inside computed properties and functions because it makes the code unpredictable and hard to understand.
What is a side effect? In the context of computed properties, a side effect is a modification of the stateโ€™s global state or the internal component state.
Letโ€™s take a look at an example with side effects:
Now letโ€™s change the code and remove the side effects:
Read this fantastic article from Michael Thiessen for more details about side effects.
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Michael Hoffmann (Mokkapps)
Michael Hoffmann (Mokkapps) @mokkapps

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